Monday - Saturday, 10AM to 5PM

Hostel Rules

  1. It is mandatory to reside in the hostel provided by the institution.
  2. Students are not allowed to keep any valuables like jewellery in the hostel. Students are solely responsible for their personal belongings.
  3. Students are requested to stay in the hostel as a family and solve their problems within the hostel.
  4. Hostel articles must be returned at the time of final departure from the hostel. After that clearance will be given and caution money will be returned to the student.
  5. Rooms shall be allocated by the Hostel-in-Charge and no personal preference will be entertained.
  6. Overall cleanliness of the room is to be maintained by the students residing in the hostel.
  7. No stickers to be pasted on walls.
  8. No furniture to be removed from the room.
  9. Students are not permitted to use any electrical appliances other than light and fan, which are provided from the hostel.
  10. Fans & Lights are to be switched off before leaving the rooms.
  11. Rooms must be kept arranged & tidy.
  12. Avoid using garments & articles of other students.
  13. Visitors are not allowed in student's rooms.
  14. No Smart phones are allowed in the college campus and hostel. Only Phones without cameras and internet connectivity are allowed.
  15. Students' own mobile phones (if any) are to be kept under lock & key before coming to duties/classes and can be taken back at the time of evening attendance in the hostel.
  16. Visitors are allowed only on Sunday (10 am-5 pm).
  17. One overnight pass will be issued per month. Night passes will be issued only on the guardian's address. Class representatives should report to the Hostel-in-Charge for night pass after obtaining signature from respective teacher previous day of night pass.
  18. Diet charge is subject to change.
  19. Students are not allowed to make any outgoing calls from the institutional phone. Incoming calls have to be restricted to 3 minutes only.
  20. Any candidate involved in ragging will be punished according to the law, including expulsion from the institution or imprisonment up to 3 years or fine of Rs.25,000/- or all the aforementioned.
  21. No students are allowed to come out from their room in nightdress.
  22. Any student falling sick should report to the Hostel warden.
  23. The Hostel warden will be escorting the sick student to the hospital & get checked up by the Doctor.
  24. Students are asked to spread their wet clothes only on the designated place and not elsewhere.
  25. Strict action will be taken against the students if rules are violated.
  26. Serious disciplinary action will be taken against the students found absent from the hostel without any information.
  27. Regular night attendance will be maintained by the hostel warden.
  28. Selected candidates should carry the following items for hostel:
  29. I. Mattress
    II. Pillow – 2
    III. Pillow Case – 2
    IV. Bed sheet – 2
    V. Bed cover – 2
    VI. Mosquito Net – 1
    VII. Blanket – 1
    VIII. Towel – 2
    IX. Bucket & Mug – 2
    X. Black noiseless covered shoes - 2 pairs
    XI. Hair Net – 2
    XII. Wrist Watch with second hand – 1
    XIII. Other toilet articles - As required.
    XIV. Rice Plate, Bowl, Glass, Cup, Spoon - 1 each
    XV. Lock & Key – 1
  30. Metal trunks are not allowed in the hostel. Students should get their luggage in a trolley bag. The size of the bag should not be bigger than 65 cm.