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Fees Structure for B.Sc. Nursing

Session : 2023-2026

Academic Fees

  Particulars    Year I    year II    Year III    Year IV
   Yearly Tution Fees    1,50,000    1,50,000    1,50,000    1,50,000
   Development Fees    15,000    15,000    15,000    15,000
   Caution Money    10,000    NA    NA    NA
   TOTAL    1,75,000    1,65,000    1,65,000    1,65,000

* Fees for mandatory INC approved modules such as First Aid, Health Assessment module, BLS, Geriatric Nursing and Palliative Care Module, ENBC, FBNC, IMNCI, PLS, ACLS etc are not included in the tuition fees.Every student has to pay it separately at the time of registration for a particular module.

* Caution Money is refundable only after Successfull completion of the course, provided the candidate has not done any serious damage to the Institute's property

Payment Schedule

     Session    Date     Amount (Rs.)
     Year I     Admission time     1,75,000
     Year II     31-Aug-2024     1,65,000
     Year III     31-Aug-2025     1,65,000
     Year IV     31-Aug-2026     1,65,000

Hostel & Transportation Fees

   Hostel Fees
   Rs 4000 pm *12
   Transportation Fees    Rs 2000 Pm *12
   Total     Rs 6000 Pm *12

* Food charge is not included in the Hostel Fees, has to be paid directly to the vendor as per the market rate.