Monday - Saturday, 10AM to 5PM

General Rules

  1. All students are required to be punctual and are not allowed to miss classes without genuine reason and without prior permission from the class teacher and Principal of School of Nursing.
  2. Students must comply with the rules and regulations formed by the Institution.
  3. Students must be in recommended uniform in the clinics, community and in the classroom.
  4. Students should participate and take initiative for leadership in professional and social activities.
  5. No visitors, mobile phones are allowed during classes as well as duty hours. In case of any emergency, guardians are allowed to inform the School Authority.
  6. 100% attendance is mandatory for all clinical experience. Hence make-up of duty is compulsory for any absence in the Clinical Field.
  7. Vacation will be granted by the school as per regulation of West Bengal Nursing Council, Kolkata.
  8. Students having sickness while on leave must inform the School Authority on the same day.
  9. Sick students are not allowed to stay in the hostel without permission of the school authority.
  10. Fees once submitted are not refundable.
  11. Each student is responsible to pay all the examination fees and fees for special clinical exposure as per course curriculum.
  12. In case of discontinuation of the course by the student the payments already made shall be forfeited.
  13. During the training period, in case of any unforeseen Health Problem requiring hospitalization or surgical intervention, would be on the student's own expenditure & during that period the presence of either of the parents/local guardian is mandatory.
  14. Students who damage/vandalize/defaces college property will be held responsible for their actions. The student may be subject to disciplinary consequences including possibility of restitution, suspension, expulsion, or exclusion from college activities. In addition, these actions may result in police involvement.