Creating talented Workforce for the Healthcare sector

About Us - Charnock Healthcare Institute
Charnock Healthcare Institute is a unique medical education institute, which will create quality manpower for all levels of healthcare delivery. This is the first such dedicated institution which provides Nursing, Paramedical and Administrative education, all under one roof.


Charnock Hospital, a tertiary care hospital, is the key promoter of this initiative. Coming from the healthcare industry, we are well aware of the nuances, the demand-supply gap between industry requirements and institutes that churn out such healthcare professionals. It is after experiencing first hand, how desperately healthcare industry needs quality personnel to fulfill this gap, thus Charnock Healthcare Institute was formed. .

Charnock Healthcare Institute is a first-of-its-kind initiative in Eastern India. The institute offers a world-class campus located in New Town, Kolkata with state-of-the-art infrastructure. The institute has a capacity of 1020 students, has 16 classrooms along with the most modern audio-video equipment installed in each classroom, 7 laboratories making it truly unparalleled in the region. It is a centrally AC campus with Wi-Fi Internet. Charnock Healthcare Institute is a unique medical education institute, which will create quality manpower for all levels of healthcare delivery. This is the first such dedicated medical education institution which provides Nursing, Paramedical and Administrative education - all under one roof.

How are we Different from other academic institutes ?

Some educational institutes are providing a whole marketplace of courses: Hotel Management, BBA, MBA, Engineering, Media, Commerce, Arts etc. etc. … and Hospital Management is also an additional stream. Healthcare Education is just an additional product, using the same infrastructure (classrooms, faculty etc.) maybe for giving additional revenue.
In our case, We are FOCUSED – only on Healthcare! We are a Hospital – who has come into the Education sector. We KNOW what kinds of personnel are required by the healthcare sector. Our agenda is very clear - Creating talented Workforce for the Healthcare sector

What makes us Unique

Practical Training and First-Hand experiential learning are the differentiating factors. Our students are taught in a Hands-On approach for learning the Practical aspects, and not just in Theory. Each course has a very strong component of first hand 'Learning by Doing' approach. Being a direct unit of Charnock Hospital, it makes a huge difference when our students are taught at our own hospital.

Why Charnock Healthcare Institute was created

Charnock Hospital was facing massive shortage in getting quality healthcare professionals. Like other hospitals, we tried bringing in people from other parts of the country like Kerala, North East etc … but cultural differences, overseas placements, poaching, language problems etc. were always posing hurdles. So, we decided to create our own institute - which will cater to our requirement for personnel.
Now, this problem of shortage of skilled manpower is being faced by other hospitals also ... sometimes in a much larger way. So, we modified our strategy for Charnock Healthcare Institute: which would now cater to the requirements of the entire healthcare industry by providing high quality healthcare professionals in all fields - Nursing, Paramedics & Administration.

Healthcare and Overview

The Indian healthcare sector is estimated to grow to around $280 billion by 2020 & with the rural healthcare at an estimated USD 30 billion market it is difficult to access due to a lack of established delivery channels. Assuring access to affordable healthcare in India is a critical task that requires a robust ecosystem and strong collaboration between government, industry and academia. The healthcare sector in India offers a potent mix of opportunities and challenges.

The significant gap between 'required' and 'actual' healthcare infrastructure has driven significant investment into assets like hospitals and other facilities over the years. In turn, the growing availability and affordability of healthcare is spurring demand for other services like diagnostics, pharmacies, equipment etc. The challenges that India Healthcare Industry faces on its way up are optimal utilization of resources, minimizing operational costs, maximizing performance and efficiency, scaling of business, rapidly evolving technology and globalization of healthcare delivery quality and standards.

Current Scenario

West Bengal is likely to see a 130,000 shortfall in skilled resources , claims a CII - PWC Skill Gap Study released in Kolkata. In healthcare, there would be an additional need of 5,000 - 7,000 qualified MBBS / MD doctors, 20,000 - 30,000 qualified nurses and over 60,000 paramedical staffs & allied health professionals.

Currently at 1.2 billion, India's population is the second largest in the world behind China and is likely to surpass China by 2025. With so many people to take care of, India's national healthcare has to be extensive and all-inclusive. The Indian healthcare system and policy development are unique particularly because of the extraordinary population size and the nature of national health concerns. Establishing an efficient universal healthcare system in India is the greatest current health-related challenge that both the government and NGOs are trying to achieve. Obstacles include resource allocation, low physician to population ratio, geographic, gender, and socioeconomic inequity, inflation in healthcare spending, and government inefficiency.

Healthcare is one of India's largest sectors, in terms of revenue and employment, and the sector is expanding rapidly. During the 1990s, Indian healthcare grew at a compound annual rate of 16%. Today the total value of the sector is more than $34 billion. This translates to $34 per capita or roughly 6% of GDP.

The private sector accounts for more than 80% of total healthcare spending in India. Unless there is a decline in the combined federal and state government deficit, which currently stands at roughly 9%, the opportunity for significantly higher public health spending will be limited.

Our Proposal

Charnock Healthcare Institute is a unique medical education institute, which will create quality manpower for all levels of healthcare delivery. This is the first such dedicated medical education institution which provides Nursing, Paramedical and Administrative education - all under one roof.

Our Chairman's Message

On behalf of the Charnock Healthcare Institute I welcome you all for a glorious career in healthcare.

Our vision is to develop this institute into a world class institution, renowned for its infrastructure, excellence in academics and professional acumen. Our mission is to disseminate high quality education in all health sciences streams amongst the youth and inculcate values and ethics to be practiced in the pursuit of their professions.

We are determined to contribute to society through our commitment to patronage quality in health sciences education, ensuring excellence in higher education.

Warm Regards
Susil Kumar Misra

MD's Message

As we all know there is a pressing need for qualified & trained manpower in the healthcare industry. As a hospital administrator, I personally felt this huge gap while operating Charnock Hospital, so have all my fellow administrators across all hospitals. Charnock Healthcare Institute (CHI) is an effort towards solving this massive manpower crisis.

CHI was formed to impart quality education to those aspirants who seek a career in the healthcare space. It shall churn out highly qualified personnel for all streams in healthcare delivery space:
Nursing, Paramedical and Administration - all under one roof.

After receiving quality education globally and experiencing the best faculty and best facilities in world class institutes, I had a personal passion for creating an educational institution of global standards here in our very own West Bengal. This effort is partly motivated by that ambition and partly by the pressing need of our healthcare industry for quality personnel.

We have created the best infrastructure, put in place the best faculty and hope to create the best quality students here at CHI.

Warm Regards
Prashant Sharma